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5 Tips on How to Have a Successful First Date


5 Tips on How to Have a Successful First Date

The following short guide will show you how to have a successful first date. First date is way too important to be careless. Most of the common mistakes are careless. Inform yourself and be prepared for issues that might pop up. Read the following successful first date tips to have a perfect first date. Maybe, it will eventually help you meet a Russian girl.


Here is the most important tip for a successful first date - be creative. Depending on how original your approach is, you may or may not expect a success. Successful dating requires you to be original and make something out of ordinary, something that sticks in mind and astonishes. For example, choose going to a gallery or visiting a fair instead of a more traditional visit to a restaurant. Be original and make your approach exceptional. You should amaze and impress a girl you're dating to distinguish yourself from other competing men out there. Therefore, be creative and original.


One of the most useful tips for a successful first date is to respect a woman you're dating. Relationships built on mutual respect are most solid. You should express your respect and approach a woman in a way that evaluates her personality. In other words, you should make her feel special. Paying her compliments plain and simple won't get you far. You should express your interest in her by constantly reminding yourself and her that she is exceptionally beautiful, smart, and interesting.

Effective Communication

Success of your first date entirely depends on your ability to communicate effectively. It means expressing yourself as clearly as possible and allowing your dating partner to express herself as well. Keep in mind that you should listen to what a woman in front of you has to say. Be attentive because women get offended pretty easily. Seeing as how you two are still strangers to each other your approach should be accurate and precise. Ask her what she likes, tell about yourself, and smile while you're doing it. Be optimistic, enthusiastic, and stay positive.


The clearest of the signs of a successful first date is mutual understanding. In case you have your dating partner's trust, you can be sure that everything is going well. What is understanding? For example, you partner feels alienated by most of the people or likes to spend her free time watching birds in the park. Supporting her in these activities means understanding. You should avoid criticism at any cost. Under no circumstances, you should allow yourself being critical or judgmental. That is because on a first date stage you simply don't know enough about a person to jump to conclusions.

Dress Properly

You should dress as good as you can on a first date. The reason to do that is the fact that a woman you meet simply doesn't have any other criteria to judge you by. Imagine yourself on a first date. You just seated yourself in front of her. You did not say anything yet. She doesn't know what your preferences and tastes are. She sees your body and what covers it. Therefore, she automatically makes conclusions based on what you wear. She may think you're careless, lazy or poor only because of what you wear. Therefore, prepare for a date thoroughly. Ask your friends what suits you best. Consider different options. You can dress casually as long as what you wear casually looks good on you.

Following the easy steps provided here can significantly increase your chances for success. Remember to be creative and original. Keep in mind that to have a successful first date means making something out of ordinary. Impress your dating partner. Think out of the box. You should also communicate effectively and dress properly.

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