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  • Updated 08:00 PM EST, Thu February, 2019


Simple Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business


Simple Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Marketing is the most typical problem for people who are running or just starting small businesses. Advertising and marketing are not the same things and if you just place a few ads, it will not bring you clients, customers or sales you desire and that you need to grow a successful business. Marketing is actually a process that includes the planning of the marketing goals that you want to achieve and using specific marketing strategies to achieve those goals. Here are several simple marketing strategies that small businesses can apply to expand their customer base and increase sales.

Join local networking groups and business organizations

Business groups that are locally based are usually inexpensive to join but they offer huge marketing benefits. When they get to know who you are and learn what type of business you do, the other business owners in your group are sure to mention your business to the others and you may even get free referrals. Members of local business organizations have great possibilities to take part in some common marketing strategies or create their own marketing events.

Create your own blog

If you have an offline business, creating a blog is easier than creating a website but it offers great benefits for businesses. It will help you create an audience of different people who will be interested in what you are doing, in the services or products that you offer. You should write on the topics that are related to your business on a regular basis and tell your audience what your business is offering and how you can help them solve their problems. Provide them with content on the topics that you know very well and that can be useful for them - some useful tips or how-to guides, such as, for example, College Essay Formatting Guide. Besides, with your own blog, you will have a good chance to connect with lots of business people, other bloggers, and prospect customers.

Offer free workshops or classes

You can offer something related to your services or products. You can do it through a local educational institution, in a rented venue or even at home. You should target a specific audience and offer highly specific events. For example, if you are a yoga instructor, it will be quite appropriate if you offer a specific class such as Yoga for Women over 40. If you own a beading shop, you can offer a special workshop on Beaded New Year Projects.

Join and use Facebook or Twitter

The best thing will be if you could get to know a variety of different social media and use them for your marketing campaigns. But if you have time only for one or two, choose Facebook and Twitter. Twitter makes a good choice of all social media just because it doesn't require a lot of time for writing posts and is quick and very easy to use. When thinking about marketing strategies for Twitter, it's important that you started using it not only for promoting your products or services but for finding influencers and communicating with like-minded people that may take some interest in what you are doing. You can a lot of useful information on how to organize promotional campaigns for your business using social media on the internet.

Create a charitable event

You can create your own charitable event and get much press and as a result, new customers who will learn about your business. You can sell some products and services and give your revenue to a selected charity. But many charities already have specific established events so there is no need to create your own. You can become a sponsor of some events and that will make your business very visible. There are lots of easy marketing strategies that are charity-based and you can use them to your advantage.

Ask for referrals

If your business is offering some services, it's the best way to get new customers for you. Asking people for referrals is actually very easy. This strategy is less time-consuming than other marketing strategies discussed in this article. All you have to do is to regularly ask your satisfied customers to refer your business to their friends or acquaintances.

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